Aerial Bucket Truck Workers Brave the Storms!

When storms strike, people are cautioned to remain inside their homes for safety reasons. While most people are safe inside their homes, other brave workers are out in the dangerous weather, doing the job they were trained to do with an aerial bucket truck; they are immediately able to counter the damage caused by ravaging weather occurrences. These courageous workers are always ready for emergency situations, especially during the storm season, so that local residents affected by strong weather are able to remain safely inside their homes, assured by the knowledge that any power outage will soon be restored. In addition, rescue workers or volunteers remain in the affected area to help those who may need emergency services and brave the many hazards that the storm created and any dangers it may still be creating.

Aerial Bucket Truck – Workers Full Time Partner

The industries that are most affected after a storm are the electric and telecommunication services. Downed transmission and telecommunication lines, uprooted and broken utility poles and severed utility wires are the most common scenarios during and after severe weather. The services of these two industries are important to everyone; however, for some people the loss of these services due to a severe storm could put their lives at risk. This is the reason why the restoration of these utilities is extremely important in any area that is recovering from severe storm damage and restoring utility service should have the highest priority by utility service personnel. In order to restore connections as quickly as possible, utility workers must utilize aerial bucket trucks so the repairs can be done promptly. It would be extremely difficult to restore power and telecommunication service to an affected area without the use of this versatile vehicle; therefore, these workers make it their full-time partner.


When severe weather causes vast destruction to the area it has hit, there is a higher possibility of injuries to the workers restoring damaged power lines. One very dangerous and deadly injury is electrocution; however, through the use of aerial bucket trucks, the risk for this injury is kept to a minimum. The three main benefits of using a bucket truck to repair damaged power lines are safety, maneuverability, and adaptability.

Safety – Electrocution has been clearly identified as a problem that is commonly associated with the repair of power lines after a storm. This is primarily due to the possibility of the presence of live electrical wires in the affected area. For this reason, linemen who are sent to repair the damaged power lines use a bucket truck equipped with high insulating material to protect them from electrical shock in the event the knuckle boom accidentally touches the live wires. In addition, when working close to electric lines, the vehicle must be grounded to heighten the degree of protection.

Flexibility – When the storm season arrives, utility service personnel travel back and forth to various severe weather-prone areas. They make important assessments both before and after a disaster strikes. Since frequent transportation is required for these workers, it is imperative to deploy a flexible and maneuverable piece of equipment that is able to counter the impact of a sudden storm. The bucket truck is made of high tensile steel, can travel on various terrains, and is able to travel at good road speeds in order to reach the damaged area in the shortest possible time.

Adaptability – Other than transmission and electric power lines, there are many other things this vehicle can do to aid in the recovery such as broken transformers, street lights, signs, and branches. For any aerial activities that must be performed in the aftermath, this versatile vehicle can be an all-around, heavy-duty machine, capable of any post-storm restoration.
It is important to remember that during the storm season, many brave workers risk their lives to respond to such an emergency. Utility workers provide the emergency rescue necessary for the recovery of the storm-stricken area and the bucket truck allows this work to be done much more rapidly. The safety, flexibility, and adaptability of this powerful machine helps the workers brave the storms!

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5 Gallon Buckets for Travelers

Do you enjoy traveling in your car, caravan, or RV for a long period of time? Do you even practically live in these vehicles? Then you will most probably need 5 gallon buckets stocked up in your temporary mobile home. The following discusses the uses of 5 gallon buckets for travelers and nomads.

As containers

Let’s start with their real original function: as containers. Put a 5 gallon bucket in your caravan and store your tools or dry/can foods. When you want to make use of the bucket for something else, remove all the items and utilize the pail for one of these functions below.

As trash bin

If you line a bucket with a plastic liner, you can use it as a trash bin. Especially in a long journey where you cannot dispose your rubbish anywhere, this trash bin will serve its function alright.

To wash laundry

Long travels will involve some washing dirty clothes. You can use your 5 gallon pail for this. Just do it the conventional way – combine water and detergent in the bucket and wash the clothes in it – or transform it into some sort of motor-less washing machine.

As seats

You don’t have too much space in your vehicle in most cases. So you probably cannot bring your camping chairs or folding chairs. But you may want to sit outside sometimes. In this case, you can utilize your 5 gallon pails as seats. Just turn them over and put some cushion to add comfort. If you don’t have it, it is fine, too.

To wash your vehicle

The long roads will get your vehicle dirty at some point. Either it is dusty due to the dry climate or muddy in the wet climate. You can use the 5 gallon buckets to wash your car or RV.

As portable toilet

Again, you probably will get to a condition where you are in nowhere. When nature calls and your vehicle is not equipped with a toilet, you will need to be creative. Your 5 gallon pail can be turned into a portable toilet. All you need are just a small garbage bag, some mulch and 2 pieces of boards. Then follow the instruction in the link above. Voila, you get your very own DIY portable toilet.

You could probably find some other functions of 5 gallon buckets as you are in your journey. But one thing that everyone has to admit is that 5 gallon pails are too versatile to miss in your travel.

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